Inspire well-being
After decades of working in the textile industry and running after the latest wannahaves of here today & gone tomorrow we decided to use our personal talents and the global resources otherwise
We started Clean Cotton in 2004 to inspire well-being through a designed product range made out of 100% organic cotton with reminder messages
Our logo and philosophy
The circle represents the world
the center of the circle
represents the creative self
that leads to all
The circle represents oneness we believe that
everybody and everything is connected
Your actions and thoughts today will influence the world tomorrow

You are the centre and you matter
Your thoughts today are tomorrow's truth
Everything is connected
You are me
i am you
Words to Wear
Seed of change
The circle represents oneness
We believe that everybody and everything is connected
Your actions and thoughts today will influence the world tomorrow
You are the seed of change

Power of intention
The circle also represents the ability to focus on your dreams
Imagine a world of health and beauty and the power of intention will help you to create whatever you desire

Go with the flow
The circle represents the sun and the unlimited solar energy that makes all living on earth possible
We will be supplied with all we need and more if we go with the flow of energy

Peace of mind
The circle represents a mind that is in harmony and peace
Peace of mind as result of living in harmony with all there is

Free from fear
The circle also represents the earth
and ourselves as responsible caretakers of the earth
Most human suffering and pain in the world is caused by fear
The fear of not having, being or getting enough, the fear of failing, the fear of not being loved, respected and seen for who you really are
Fear makes us prisoners of our own life
If we are free of fear we are able to share our qualities without restrictions

Let go to get
Although the circle represents the world with you in the centre of the world, this doesn’t mean we own the world. We co-exist with all living beings
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
‘We did not inherit the world from our parents, but borrowed it from our children’
Let go to get
If you want to have something, you will be staying in the want-to-have state. Unless you give up the wanting, you will never experience the having
Only when you are giving something away,
you can have the experience of having it
Cotton and our production
Cotton is one of the three natural fibres (wool and flax are the other ones) in textiles that have been used by mankind for more than 5000 years. Today cotton takes up to 50% of the total textile production
The cotton we use for our products originates from farmers in Turkey
Today, Turkey is one of the leading organic cotton producing countries
It has a combination of various assets, such as the relative low prevalence of cotton pests, the quality of cotton and the presence of a well developed textile industry
The farming
The beautiful cotton flower grows in tropical and subtropical regions like
Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Mali, Pakistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan
The cotton crop is planted in March or April
and harvested between early October and the end of November
Ideal planting conditions for cotton require moist soil
Ideal cotton regions, therefore, are often located near river catchments
The cotton production has tripled in the last 70 years,
while the total size of the cotton plantations remained the same
This sounds great, but without pain no gain
The pain is on the part of the environment and mankind
The increased productivity could only be achieved by using
ever more aggressive pesticides
This ongoing process has devastating effects on the environment on the long run
The manufactoring
Clean Cotton guarantees the ecological quality of its products throughout
the entire processes of growing, spinning, knitting, manufacturing and printing
We offer a certified product that is controlled by Skal, an independent international acknowledged inspection and certification body for organic production
All processing aids and selected means are biodegradable and free of harmful substances
Our dying is done without heavy metals and is processed AZO free
As with the cultivation and the processing,
we also pay attention to the ecological and social criteria
of the manufacturing of our products
The recognition of the social part of product development is part of
our company’s policy and is resulting from an understanding of
responsibility and respect for the environment
and the people working in the environment
The textile industry, one of the largest industries in the world,
with cotton as its most favourite product,
is causing most serious environmental and social damage to the planet
Substantial amounts of pesticides and chemicals are being used
for the production of a regular t-shirt
This does not only harm the environment,
but also the well-being of the people producing and wearing it
Clean Cotton is clean of pesticides and chemicals
The clean cotton products are made of 100% certified organic agriculture (according to EEC regulations)
Our cotton grows without the usual application of chemical fertilizers or pesticides
The fabric is only treated with selected means, which, combined with a special mechanical finishing treatment, preserve the natural characteristics of the cotton
Clean Cotton is kind to the environment